Euromed Audiovisual to attend Sunny Side of the Doc

The EU programme's financing group is to continue working on its recommendations for financial mechanisms to support the film sector in the South Mediterranean region

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Euromed Audiovisual to attend Sunny Side of the Doc

The European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme will be present at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle from June 26 to 27, especially as the international documentary film market is focusing on the Arab region this year.

Euromed Audiovisual III is a European Union programme that aims to boost the development of the film and audiovisual sector in the South Mediterranean region through its activities in key sectors such as training, statistical data collection, production and co-production, and legislation.

At Sunny Side of the Doc 2013, Euromed Audiovisual will host a meeting for its financing working group, a team of South Mediterranean film and audiovisual professionals from the private and public sectors. The latter are to continue working on potential new financial mechanisms to boost the development and coproduction of films and audiovisual works in the South Mediterranean region, including tax incentives and a model for a development fund. Since the group's creation at Cannes 2012, its members have also reflected on improving these cinematic and audiovisual works' access to the regional and international markets.

In La Rochelle, they will focus on the television market and its further involvement in broadcasting more audiovisual works from the region. Representatives from various South Mediterranean broadcasters will attend the meeting, including from Egypt's On TV, Jordan's Royal TV and JTV, Lebanon's LBC, Tunisian Television and Palestine's PBC, as well as the Saudi-owned MBC.

The Euromed Audiovisual III programme is also to moderate a session on June 27 to discuss the potential of the Arab documentaries for European broadcasters, and whether Middle Eastern broadcasters are open for business for productions outside the region. Speakers from the Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, the Doha Film Institute (DFI), the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), and the Al Arabiya News Channel are expected to attend.

Many South Mediterranean documentaries, including some that have won international awards, are featured in the Euromed Audiovisual III programme's first catalogue of fiction and documentary feature films launched last May in Cannes. The catalogue covers 130 films and aims to create unprecedented global market appeal for films from the South Mediterranean, during this special chapter of the region's history. It will also be distributed at Sunny Side of the Doc 2013.

For more information about the financing group, please click here.

Members of the financing working group attending the La Rochelle meeting:


Malek Ali Yahia
Lawyer/Producer/distributor M.D.Cine


Lyes Belaribi


Hala Galal
SEMAT Production and Distribution
Filmmaker, scriptwriter, and producer.
Founder & Executive director of SEMAT Production & Distribution.
Working since 10 years in Cairo, she created SEMAT an organization for supporting Independent.
Cinema in Egypt and the Arab World. Was for 3 years the director of the film festival "The Caravan of the Euro Arab Cinema".
Now director of Cairo Cinematheque.


Alaa Karkouti
Managing Partner | Film Analyst & Content Director MAD SolutiAons.


Hala Zureiqat

Mohannad Al Bakri
Regional Managing Director-Luminus Media, Jordan
Managing the Luminus Media, a company acting as an umbrella for
- SAE Mediaschool: the Arab world school that teaches-filmmaking
- Animation-Sound engineering-game Design and digital journalism
- B4 Film and animation production company, offering services for Film and animation at international level and content development (IP)



Maya Defreige
Présidente -Fondation Liban cinéma

“Fondation Liban Cinéma” (FLC) is a non-profit private association created in February 2003, whose objective is to participate in the development of cinema industry in Lebanon, through the support of creation, production and promotion of Lebanese films as well as the promotion of Lebanon as a production centre. Since its creation, FLC is present in several areas (promotion at festivals and markets, training, preservation of audiovisual heritage, promotion of Lebanon as location for shooting etc…) and via its activities it plays a federating role in the Lebanese audiovisual sector.


Paul Chucrallah
Acting director of Berytech Technology and Health
Senior Strategy and Business Advisor to the existing Berytech Fund
- Run of the sites of berytech “system”
- Also a senior strategy and Business Advisor to the existing Berytech Fund
- Working on structuring and raising the new Berytech Fund, which will become the second of such fund. It will have an allocation that will be invested as equity in audiovisual projects, movies and others.



Sarim Fassi Fihri
Producer, film studio and production facilities owner.
As President of a the main trade association he was involved during these last 16 years in writing and developing all the Moroccan texts interesting the film business in Morocco, including film funds.


Mohamed Beyoud
Artistic director of the Meknes international animation film festival (FICAM)
Festival programmer
Development of training programmes for Moroccan art schools students and professionals
Development of media literacy programmes in schools.



Firas Khoury
Director & Screenwriter

A Palestinian director and screenwriter, Born in 1982. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Cinema from Tel Aviv University.
Firas wrote and directed several short films (less than 10 mins), among them are “Islamic” (2005) “Asi & Gil”, and “Hit Man” (2006). He co-wrote and was 1st AD in the short film "Music from the heart". "Seven Days in Deir Bulus" (42 mins, 2007) is Firas Khoury's directorial debut. “Suffir/yellow mums” (32 mins, 2010) is his 2nd short film. Both films won international awards and were screened in TV channels around the world.

Itidal Ismail
Director General of Youth
Higher Council for Youth and Sports

The Higher Council of Youth and Sports is a governmental institution operating under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and Diaspora in Lebanon and Syria.
The youth sector in Palestine includes more 350 institutions working in various sectors that interest youth especially in the field of community development and youth programs, culture and audiovisual.


Adnane Khedher
He holds a master in Economics, and started his professional career in 1988 as director of production for fiction dramas on Tunisian television.
On January 28, 2011, he was named director on Tunisian Channel 2, then on November 6, 2011, director of Tunisian Channel 1. On January 7, 2012; he was named president of Tunisian television. On 1st October 2012 he was named General Director of Tunisian Cinema and Picture National Center.
He is teacher at the Higher Audiovisual and Film Institute (Ecole Supérieure de l'Audiovisuel et du Cinéma) for the director of production concentration, since 2006.

Mounira Ben Hlima
Director of Audio-Visual Arts
Ministry of Culture

Anis Lassoued
Director and producer, director of the Nabeul Maghreb film Festival


Coordinator of the caravan "Ana hunna" supported by GIZ in the MENA region
Member of the board of the Association of Tunisians Filmmakers (ACT)

Melik Kochbati 
Producer, Paprika Films

After starting his career in finance and insurance, Melik moved to the film business. He acted during 5 years as financial director within independent French production companies where he participated into numerous feature films. Since 2011he is managing his own production companies, Paprika Films in tunisia and Elefanto Films in France where he produced numerous shorts and documentaries. he is currently developing 3 feature films projects. Melik is a member in the Tunisian producers trade union, founder and director of the Tunisian film Festival and president of the association to the young Tunisians in Paris.

Jalel Lakhdar
Télévision tunisienne


Paola Parri

Capacity Development Support Unit Team

Catherine Buresi
Funding Expert
Catherine Buresi is working since more than 20 years in the European and international film industry with a focus on festivals, markets and co-production. She has been amongst others Co-Director of The European Film Market (Berlinale Film Festival), collaborator in different markets, co-production markets and events (Cannes Producers network, Berlinale co-production market and Talent Campus, Dubai Film Connection…, Team leader of the Euromed Audiovisual II programme, CEO at EAVE – European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs, a professional training programme targeting European producers and related professionals.

Berthold Wohlleber
Team Leader


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