In Algiers, police interrogate cinema manager

Manager calls Chrysalide film club about two short film screened at the Riad El Feth Cinema

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In Algiers, police interrogate cinema manager

Two short films, Bahia Allouache 's Une journée ordinaire  (lit. "An ordinary day") and Sofia Djama's Limply, One Saturday Morning (whose director took part in the 2011 edition of Greenhouse, a documentary development programme funded by Euromed Audiovisual, with her project From Stone to Hard Rock) caught the Algerian police's attention last week, reports Algérie Focus

Actress Adila Bendimerad relates what happened on her Facebook page: “While we were working, Djaber Debzi and I received a call from the cinema manager who asked us the following questions: 'Did you show films that insult the nation? Was an Algeria flag torn or trampled on in one of the films? Was the president insulted?' We answered 'No!' to all these questions. 'Can you give us the phone numbers of the filmmakers?' We replied that we did not have them."

The manager asked them all these questions in presence of police officers by putting the phone on loudspeaker. The police officers reportedly wanted copies of both films.  

The Facebook note reports that, the day before, actress Farida Krim, who acted in Djemai Family, did not like a scene in Sofia Djama's film in which a police officer is insensitive to the distress of a woman who was almost raped.

Limply, One Saturday Morning was however "selected and screened at the Algiers Film Days, supported by the ministry, and even received the award for Best Short Film." Both films received permission to shoot.


Source and photo: Algérie Focus

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