Handbook on writing press releases available to download

Here's how to write an attractive press release, in English, French, and Arabic!

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Handbook on writing press releases available to download

Whether you are promoting a film, your production company or a film school, your press release is competing with dozens of others. 

So what do you do? Make it interesting… to grab attention, of course! A step-by-step guide prepared by the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre has been released this week. It provides inside information on how to write press releases that grab attention, along with some basic tips.

A press release should be viewed as an article that you prepare on an activity you want to announce, or information about your project that is relevant to the public. You will send it to the media for their use, either as background information or, hopefully, to publish word for word. But you do need to write the release in a journalistic way…

This step by step guide will lead you through not only the standard elements necessary to produce a press release, but also the way you should write them to turn them into real journalistic stuff.

This handbook is part of a series of publications produced by the European Union's Neighbourhood Info Centre. Some of the others are: A Photographer’s Handbook (2012), A Journalist’s Handbook (2012 edition), Writing to Grab Attention Handbook (2012), and the EU Funding Handbook (2013).

You can read the new press release guide online, or download the PDF in EnglishFrench, or Arabic.


Source: ENPI Info Centre

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