Documentary professionals learn how to hunt for partners in Sintra


Documentary professionals learn how to hunt for partners in Sintra

EURODOCmed is bringing together 14 professionals of the documentary from Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Turkey in Sintra (Portugal) on 23-29 September for last of three training courses over an eight-month period.

The project aims to provide a full training scheme to independent producers and authors and filmmakers developing a documentary project with international potential. Executives from the documentary departments of broadcasters, bankers and distributors are also taking part.

The Sintra session is principally dedicated to meeting future partners. These pitching sessions are the object of intense preparation during the first two days. The plenary sessions focus on company management, specialised banks, and the international documentary market. All the commissioning editors invited are presenting the editorial lines of their departments and their financial capacities.

The first session held in March in France was dedicated to development. It focused on analysing the projects of the participants, evaluating scripts, studying overall consistency and market positioning.

The second session, also in France in June, was dedicated to financing and packaging. It functioned as a work group and focused on evaluating how the projects had progressed since the end of the first session. During the second session the participants finalised the packaging of their projects, now being presented in Sintra.

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