2015 promises a bumper crop of Moroccan films

Films by Noureddine Lakhmari, Faouzi Bensaïdi and Nabil Ayouch to start shooting soon

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2015 promises a bumper crop of Moroccan films

Several important figures in Moroccan cinema are to start work on their next feature films during the next few months, reports Telquel. The Moroccan Cinema Centre (CCM) has awarded an advance on receipts to three directors whose films have been popular with cinema-goers in recent years.

Noureddine Lakhmari, director of the Oscar-nominated Casanegra, is set to shoot Burn Out. The film will tell the story of a group of children living in the underbelly of Casablanca, far from the city's glamour and elegant restaurants. Lakhmari received an advance on receipts of 5,400,000 dirhams (€500,000).

As for Faouzi Bensaïdi, he will begin shooting his next film, Vigile, in December. The CCM has given him an advance on receipts of 5,100,000 dirhams (€460,000).

"My film investigates whether love endures when threatened by social and economic pressures," Bensaïdi told Telquel. "It looks at the problems people face in everyday life. And it focuses in particular on humiliation within a couple."

The CCM's third annual session also awarded an advance on receipts of 4.44 million dirhams to Nabil Ayouch's Razzia, another promising production. Razzia is a feature film centred on the world of prostitution.

The year 2015 will also see a number of directors shoot their debut feature films.

In particular, Jihane Bahhar will start work on Douce Neige (lit. "Gentle snow"), thanks to an advance on receipts of 3 million dirhams from the CCM. Her film is about a snobbish wife who lives a life of luxury thanks to her rich husband, until he dies and she has to travel to a far-flung village to retrieve his remains. There, she will have to learn to live among its modest inhabitants. It will be a life lesson.

"It's a film that reveals the gulf between city-dwellers and people living in remote villages," Bahhar told Telquel.


Source: Telquel

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