Euromed Audiovisual holds Mediterranean Film Forum

As the programme draws to a close, almost 100 film professionals are to gather in Tunis to discuss future priorities

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Euromed Audiovisual holds Mediterranean Film Forum

The European Union's Euromed Audiovisual III programme is to host the "Mediterranean Film Forum" on December 2 and 3 in Tunis. Almost 100 film and audiovisual professionals from Europe and the South Mediterranean region will be participating in the event on the sidelines of the Carthage Film Festival (JCC).

As the programme’s activities draw to a close, after four years of working to support the development of the South Mediterranean region's film and audiovisual sectors, the forum aims to review its results and to discuss future priorities in key areas identified as important by professionals and national authorities. These include film financing and film co-production, film distribution and film education, and collecting data on the region's film and audiovisual markets.

The morning of Tuesday, December 2 will be devoted to presenting the results of the Euromed Audiovisual III programme and its grant projects. In the afternoon of the first day, three workshops will be held:

  1. A first workshop is to focus on film financing and co-production. During this workshop, a group of professionals and representatives from audiovisual funds are to discuss the recommendations of the Euromed Audiovisual III programme’s Financing Working Group to create a regional fund to support film development. The workshop is to conclude with several suggestions for practical ways forward to set up this fund.
  2. A second workshop is to discuss film distribution and film education in the South Mediterranean region. During this workshop, film distributors and exhibitors are to work on suggestions for a regional mechanism to support the distribution of South Mediterranean films in and outside the region.    
  3. A third workshop is to focus on collecting data on film and audiovisual markets in the region. During the workshop, analysts, representatives from data collecting organisations and professionals are to reflect on the steps needed to develop regional cooperation in data collection on film and audio-visual markets, as well as to set up a regional network of experts and/or institutions collecting relevant data in each country.

On Wednesday, December 3, participants will present the conclusions of these three workshops to national authorities, professional associations and both public and private funds, in order to define concrete lines of action to further benefit the film and audiovisual sectors across the region.

The forum's last session will focus on the role of women in South Mediterranean cinema.

For more information, please contact Mr Samer Mohdad: smohdad@euromedaudiovisuel.net.

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