Behind the scenes of Ibrahim el Batout's El Ott

In September 2013, we visited the set of El Ott. Watch our making-of here


In September 2013, as Cairo continued under military-imposed curfew after a violent summer, award-winning Egyptian director Ibrahim el Batout was completing filming for his fifth feature film El Ott

Adapting his schedule to the curfew, he and his team filmed the film's last scenes around the Egyptian capital, in the synagogue and Hanging Church of Old Cairo, at the Giza pyramids and inside a pharaonic-themed nightclub on the Nile.

We visited the set, where we asked his crew and actors what it was like working with one of the precursors of Egypt's independent film scene, and what his latest thriller was all about.  

You can find out what they said by watching the making-of above, and get a sense of the atmosphere on set by reading the story here.

El Ott is due out in Egyptian cinemas this January.

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