Med-Screen: Arab film week in Bologna, Italy


Med-Screen: Arab film week in Bologna, Italy
In the framework of the Lumière event which foresees a whole month of screenings organised by the Bologna Cinematheque, Med-Screen is partnering by presenting five recent Arab Mediterranean films which will be showcased from 15 to 29 September 2008 in Bologna. This selection, entitled Med-Screen, Uno Sguardo Al Cinema Arabo Contemporaneo, (Med-Screen, a look on Arab Contemporary Cinema) is comprised of the following films:

Burned Hearts by Ahmed Al Maanouni – feature, Morocco, 2007 Al-Maanouni has been directing films since the late 70's. Burned Hearts has participated to several festivals and won awards: Tangier – Morocco (Grand Prize, Critics Prize, Best Sound Award), Dubai (Best Cinematography Award), Tetuan – Morocco (Special Jury Prize, Audience Prize).

Chaos by Youssef Chahine and Khaled Youssef – feature Egypt/France, 2008 Chaos is the final film directed by the late Egyptian director Youssef Chahine who died in July, 2008 in Cairo. It has participated to several festivals including: Venice, Toronto, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Hong Kong.

Salt of This Sea by Annemarie Jacir - feature, Palestine/France, 2008 The film is Jacir's first feature film. She is known for her acclaimed documentaries and short films. The film has premiered at the 2008 International Cannes Film Festival (Un Certain Regard Section).

Indigènes by Rachid Bouchareb – feature, Algeria/France/Belgium/Morocco, 2006 After premiering at the 2006 Cannes International Film Festival, and winning the best male ensemble cast, the film has toured the world and participated to more than 20 festivals including: Locarno, Ljubljana, Toronto, Pusan International Film Festival, London, Dubai, Jakarta, Cairo. The film has also been nominated to the Oscar for Best Foreign Film.

I Am the One Who Brings Flowers to Her Grave by Hala Alabdallah and Amar Al Beik, Documentary, Syria/France, 2007. The film has premiered at the Venice International Film Festival (Doc/It Award). It has then participated to several festivals including: Beirut, São Paulo, Copenhagen, Carthage – Tunisia, Festival del Cinema Spirituale – Italy, Festival des Trois Continents - France, Dubai (Bronze Documentary Award).

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