Bahrain to hold forum on festivals in Arab countries

This March, in the framework of “Manama, Arab Capital of Culture in 2012,” Bahrain is to hold teh second forum on festivals in Arab countris.

Events and Festivals

The Ministry of Culture in the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) will organise the event to be held in Manama on March 1 and 2, 2012.

This forum is unique in being the first of its kind to discuss mainly the relationship between festivals and cultural economics in addition to the new trends in marketing and social media of festivals.
The main tracks of this forum fall under these titles:

  • Festivals and the City Development ;
  • Festivals is a TIME and PLACE for UNUSUAL BUSINESS;
  • The Power of Festivals;
  • Social Media and Marketing Tools for Festivals;
  • Future of Non-Ticketed Festivals? Making Your Festival More Profitable ;
  • Best Practice for Leveraging Brand Activity at Festivals;
  • Investments in Culture at Large - and the Staging of Festivals and Cultural Events in Particular – Stimulating the Economy Locally, Regionally, and Internationally;
  • Festivals and Tourism: Management, Policy, and Practice;
  • Understanding Suitable Roles and Reactions to Unexpected Crisis.

This event will host a big number of concerned bodies and individuals: ministries of culture, tourism, economy, and media; tourism sub committees at municipalities; presidents and artistic directors of local, regional and international festivals; local tourism development associations and foundation; cultural foundations; artistic tour managers ; box office managers; directors and managers of banks, hotels, airlines, transportation companies, hotels and touristic resorts; stage and sound engineering companies; private security; schools of music and dance at private and public universities and institutions; TV, radio, and written and online media; NGO’s, and local communities representatives.

Registration is free for all attendees.

For Forum details and registration, contact:
Ms. Khadijah Lakkis,Executive Diretor
Email: lakkis2009@gmail.com
Mobile; 00961 3 887621

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