"Springeneration", open dialogue for positive partnership

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"Springeneration", open dialogue for positive partnership

TUNIS (TAP) - The European Studies Centre launched an online platform of dialogue open to the Arab world populations named "Springeneration", hinting at the 'Arab Spring', a term to designate the revolution of Arab peoples against their political systems, which had started in Tunisia.

Financed by the European Parliament, this three-language platform (English, French and Arabic) provides the opportunity for new generations in the Arab world to express their ideas, opinions and ambitions concerning the future of their countries.

"What should Europeans do to build positive partnership with Arab countries?" is the question which participants in this open dialogue will have to answer on the followind website: http://www.springeneration.eu/

Ten participants will be chosen randomly and invited to Europe next spring to meet European leaders.

From: http://www.tap.info.tn/en/en/component/content/article/366-la-une/9460-qspringenerationq-open-dialogue-for-positive-partnership.html

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