Round table consultation on Palestinian film and audiovisual industry

Ramallah, 3 February 2012

Programme Activities, Palestine

How to boost the local and regional dynamics?

Round table consultation on Palestinian film and audiovisual industry

From left to right:
Mrs Olga BAUS, EU Delegation in Jerusalem;
Mrs Adila LAIDI-HANIEH, Moderator; Mrs Renate ROGINAS,
Team Leader, Capacity Development Support Unit.

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Characteristics of the Palestinian film and audiovisual sector, as well as actions that might improve the organization of its institutions, the production and the partnership with the south Mediterranean countries are the main themes of the round table consultation organized by the EU funded regional programme Euromed Audiovisual III, in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the independent cinema NGO Shashat Women’s Cinema, on 3rd February in Ramallah.

The debates of the round table will focus on the needs and expectations of the main actors and stakeholders in the sector with a view to greater regional cooperation. This initiative aims at fostering the development of film and audiovisual activities in the Palestine with a dual purpose: to better identify, together with other players and contributors in the region, the support that the European Union could provide in order to respond to the local and regional needs in the Southern Mediterranean, and to offer to regional professional networks concrete opportunities to act as privileged partners of their European peers.

Various topics will be discussed with representatives of the Ministry of Culture, cinema organizations, private media companies, independent producers, directors and exhibitors, as well as representatives of televisions, especially the following issues:

  • the funding of films and audiovisual artworks, from the development to the post-production stages,
  • the role of national production companies and their sustainable entrepreneurial recognition,
  • the circulation (distribution & sales) of film and audiovisual production.

As part of the Euromed Audiovisual III Programme, the Palestine benefits from the following projects: ACCESS for market access in the digital age, DOCmed for the training of documentary professionals, Med Film Factory for the training of directors and producers and GreenHouse for the development of documentary films made by graduates of film schools in the Southern Mediterranean.

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