2M: Documentaries take pride of place


2M: Documentaries take pride of place

A new slot dedicated to documentaries has joined 2M, Morocco’s first private TV channel, starting March 4. Entitled "Des histoires et des Hommes" ("Of Stories and Men"), the programme will be "unmissable", Reda Benjelloun declared on the channel’s website.

This is good news for the Euromed Audiovisual Programme. Two projects funded by the programme,  DOCmed and Greenhouse, specifically deal with documentaries. 2M’s documentary slot offers an additional opportunity for producers of the South to showcase their work. This is encouraging, since many European channels, as well as Mediterranean ones (such as Al Jazeera) have created specific slots dedicated to documentaries. The Euromed Audiovisual team’s meeting with several producers and authors of documentaries also proves that there is an increasing interest for this genre.

The documentary slot on 2M will show every Sunday starting at 9.15pm.

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