DOCmed at the heart of Mediterranean documentary

For one week, 40 producers met in Tunis to develop their documentary projects

Grant Project Activities

On March 20, DOCmed, a three-year training programme for Arab documentary film professionals with a project that could be produced as an international co-production, was launched in Tunis.

Each year, ten professionals from eight Arab countries (Lebanon, Syria, the Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria) are selected to join three training sessions that focus on developing, producing, distributing, and screening their projects in Southern and European countries. Throughout the project, young producers and directors will have the chance to develop their ideas and receive feedback from expert Arab and European producers.

Organised by Beirut DC, in association with Eurodoc and Ness El Fen, DocMed is co-financed by the Euromed Audiovisual Programme of the European Union, the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts (Afek), the Dubai Film Festival, and Arte.

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