Algerian cinema needs government’s support, says film critic

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Algerian cinema needs government’s support, says film critic

Algerian cinema cannot be revived without the intervention of public authorities, has said Mouloud Mimoun, a film critic and the director of the Paris North African Cinema FIlm Festival.

The Algerian state needs a targeted strategy to do so, and this should include opening film schools, reopening cinemas, and setting up new organisations to deal with film production and distribution, he said.

The decline of Algerian cinema started in the 1990s, a time in which Algerian cinema was falling behind due to “terrorism and destruction”, according to Mimoun.

“Filmmakers found themselves out in the dark, while cinemas closed down leading to a drop in the box-office takings that had supported a fund for cinema.”

The Algerian state needs to establish laws and institutions to promote cinema and give filmmakers the opportunity to create, he said, as well as to set up schools to teach the different cinema trades.

“It is essential that young filmmakers are taught how to write for film and about its codes,” he said.

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