Film about national hero approved by Ministry of Mujahedin

After over three years of waiting, Ahmed Rachedi’s film about a famous figure in the Algerian War of Independence has finally been approved.

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Film about national hero approved by Ministry of Mujahedin

According to the website Maghreb Emergent, the screenplay for a film about Krim Belkacem, one of the most prominent figures in Algeria’s War of Independence, by Algerian director Ahmed Rachedi, has been approved by the Ministry of Mujahedin, after a wait of more than three years.

According to the 2011 law on cinema, the Ministry of Mujahedin is the only government body in Algeria entitled to approve or reject the screenplays of films about the country’s War of National Liberation. 

The screenplay of Krim Belkacem, Darguez (provisional title), co-written by Major Azzedine, head of the fourth historical wilaya, and the journalist and screenwriter Boukhalfa Amazit, recounts the career of Krim Belkacem, a famous figure in the War of Independence who headed the Algerian delegation to the Evian Agreements and was murdered in 1970 in Germany.  

Rachedi had refused to make the changes initially demanded by the censors, defending the integrity of his original screenplay. 

The government did not like the sources on which the filmmaker had based his screenplay, although he explained that he had based his story on authentic witness accounts, including that of commander Azzedine, whose real name is Rabah Zerrari and a close friend of Krim Belkacem, as well as on other “rare” written accounts.

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