Euromed Audiovisual III: Key recommendations after Moroccan round table

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Euromed Audiovisual III: Key recommendations after Moroccan round table

Following the roundtable consultations held on 11 April 2012 in Rabat by the EU-funded Euromed Audiovisual III programme, important recommendations were made by participating professionals and stakeholders including insuring the transfer of know-how and new technologies in the audiovisual sector.

Participants drew attention to the following issues:

  • Rehabilitation, upgrading and digitisation of cinemas,
  • Ensuring the transfer of know-how of various audiovisual skills and major technological changes,
  • An appropriate accompaniment to the legal protection of copyright and the protection of intellectual property,
  • Fighting piracy effectively,
  • Review of contractual relationships between producers and the TV channels in their dual roles of producer and distributor,
  • The approximation of projects tender and selection processes with international standards,
  • Providing a framework for regular consultations between the professionals and sponsors, especially public channels,
  • Building capacities for the promotion and visibility of works and artists, both among the channels on the international market,
  • Expanding the use of aid funds to the stages related to the promotion and distribution at national and international levels of audiovisual works, taking into account the need for dubbing and subtitling,
  • Contributing to the training of lawyers working within the sections of production and distribution of TV channels,
  • Encouraging all forms of action entailing the re-integrating the film culture in educational and youth institutions,
  • Ensuring continuous training of producers in the field of co-production, from the pitching of projects to negotiation and agreements follow-up,
  • Building the creative and managerial capacities of audiovisual production jobs.

Participants nevertheless emphasised the good health of the audiovisual production sector, both the film industry and television, and encouraged the existing dynamic of cooperation between these two key sectors.


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