Euromed Audiovisual film distribution workshop kicks off in Jordan

Over 50 film professionals gathered today for the first day of Euromed Audiovisual’s film distribution workshop on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Programme Activities, Jordan

Over 50 film professionals, including the region’s most prominent distributors, today gathered at a Euromed Audiovisual workshop in Jordan to discuss better distributing and exporting Mediterranean films.

The workshop has two goals: to create a network of distributors and strengthen the role of sales agents in the Mediterranean region, Valerio Caruso, Team Leader of the Regional Monitoring Unit of the Euromed Audiovisual programme, told participants.

In the morning, participants were introduced to examples of inspiring film distribution initiatives form around the world. Adeline Monzier, General Director of Europa Distribution, presented this important network of European distributors that was launched in 2006 and is now counts 25 members and over 110 subscribers. Erik Gonzalez, coordinator of La Red, presented this innovative network of seven Latin American distributors who are buying rights collectively and sharing marketing costs. Tess Renaudo, presented the European Distribution and Exhibition Network (EDEN), an association that supports the releases of Latin American films in several European territories. Ivan Hronec, spoke about Film Europe Channel, a paid television channel presenting exclusively European cinema from almost all 50 countries in greater Europe. Finally, Loïc Magneron presented Eye on Film, a new business model for the promotion, circulation, and distribution of first feature films.

In the afternoon, Pascal Diot moderated a discussion about the role of sales agents in the region. Most participants agreed that a network should be created to better represent the region’s films in the big markets. “We need help from Euromed Audiovisual to create a structure to finalise sales deals with foreign partners,” said Sahar El-Sherbini, sales manager at Al Arabiya. Jonathon Perchal, distributor at Artificial Eye, spoke about distribution agreements and current industry trends for independent film distributors. “This new digital world was supposed to save everyone costs and allow greater freedom with filmmaking, [but] reality is very different,” he concluded. Finally, Sophie Juin from Bac Films, talked about the deliverables and technical material involved in digital distribution.

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