Egyptian documentary highlights strong women in Egypt

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Egyptian documentary highlights strong women in Egypt

In her first documentary, In the Shadow of a Man, young director Hanan Abdulla clearly portrays women’s daily life in Egypt, through the captivating stories of four women, who are similar despite their different economic and social backgrounds.

For the title of her film In the Shadow of a Man, the Anglo-Egyptian director was inspired by the Egyptian proverb, "In the shadow of a man, not in the shadow of a wall". The latter reflects an Egyptian society whose customs have long favoured men over women.

But in her film, the director shows the journey of four strong women who have each chosen to lead their lives in their own way.

The film was commissioned by UN Women, and premiered at the Berlin Film Festival. It participated in the 15th edition of the Alexandria International Film Festival for short films and documentaries, and won the Centre for Methods of Communications for Development Award for women's cinema.

Hanan Abdulla is currently working on her second film about women’s participation in Egypt’s parliamentary elections.


Marwa Abdulla

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