Video art breaks blockade on Gaza for the second time

A video art festival takes a second shot at breaking the blockade on Gaza to reach out beyond the coastal enclave

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Video art breaks blockade on Gaza for the second time

From July 16 to 19, Gaza held its second Video Art festival. This Windows from Gaza initiative screened 35 films from Palestine and the rest of the world. 

This edition was held in three different Palestinian towns. The town of Gaza hosted the  first two days of the festival, the Dar Al-Kalima College in Bethlehem organised its third day, and the Lab closed the festival in Jerusalem.

This second edition was organised without any financial support and in very difficult conditions. Without any electricity, the films were screened thanks to a portable generator. 

Yet, despite the blockade on Gaza and other problems in the region, the festival managed to open up a window onto the outside world  by creating movement on the Palestinian cultural scene and enriching it with new artistic elements from outside.

Artist and photographer Sherif Sarhan, the festival’s administrative and financial coordinator from Windows from Gaza, said that funding for the festival’s first edition had covered a website for the festival, printing posters and invitations, and renting exhibition space for the films. 

There was no extra funding this year, but this only increased the festival’s freedom as it meant less conditions or constraints. 

Sarhan said that he hoped that the festival would continue to be an annual or biannual event.


Hiba Zoghbi

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