A Nation's Tale by Ramy Rizkallah, Egypt

MADE in MED short film contest - Finalist

A Nation's Tale by Ramy Rizkallah, Egypt, 2014



Set in a surreal world, A Nation's Tale, a short 3D animation film, follows a young female poet who craves change. he loses hope and believes that her words no longer have any value, especially when she’s being oppressed because of them. But her words end up saving her.



A Nation's Tale by Ramy Rizkallah, Egypt

After graduating from university, Ramy Rizkallah pursued his passion for telling stories, completing a writing course with American writer Robert Mckee. He started his career as a scriptwriter for the award-winning animated series Wuzz Wuzz, and by the end of the first season he was producing the series as well.

While completing his academic studies in film directing with Egyptian director Sherif Arafa, Ramy worked as an assistant director with American filmmaker Brandon Dickerson on several music videos. As writer and director of the 28-episode television series Love Life, Ramy filmed all over the world for two years, while also directing several documentaries and public service announcements for clients such as UNICEF, Save the Children, UNDP, UNAIDS, the British Embassy in Cairo, the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum, Tahrir Monologues and No to Military Trials for Civilians.

Beside directing three short films including the award-winning short Ana Asser and Chiffon, Ramy also wrote and directed several television campaigns, including Egypt is changing” and Choose Egypt”, and several music videos.


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