Ossama Mohammed, Syrian director

“Cinema is the kingdom of liberation from clichés and standards”

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Euromed Audiovisual met Syrian director Ossama Mohammed in Cannes, where his feature documentary Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait, co-directed by Simav Bedrixan, was screened at a Special Screening.

He speaks about cinema in a time of non-standard, tragic moments:

"It's an explosion of cinema. Everybody is filming.  Syria is filming and screening itself, celebrating freedom and sharing tragedy. [It's a] fountain of images... I admire those people. I really believe that they are co-authors of [a] Syrian film, [like] me and Simav. [This] belongs to pure cinema, much more that a proposal about making a standard film in a standard form about a non-standard moment."

“Cinema is a kingdom of liberation from clichés and standards. It's always a way to save our humanity, protect our humanity."

Interview in English

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