Terramed Plus films and television shows from May 14 to 20, 2012

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Terramed Plus is a project to promote Mediterranean audiovisual works among a Euro-Mediterranean audience. Every week, it publishes a list of its partners’ films, variety shows, and sitcoms to appear on its six partner satellite television channels.

From May 14 to 20, this is the programme:


Al Aoula – SNRT (Morocco):

  • Radio wak wak (sitcom), from Monday to Friday, 20h00 GMT
  • Camera Al Aoula (show), Tuesday, May 15, 22h45 GMT
  • Fi Dakira (show), Wednesday, May 16, 22h00 GMT
  • Oussar Wa Houloul (show), Thursday, May 17, 21h15 GMT
  • Youm Myechibeh youm (sitcom), Saturday, May 19 and Sunday, May 20, 12h45 GMT


Arte (France/Germany):


EPTV (Algeria):

  • Epopée de l’émir Abdelkader (opera), Tuesday, May 15, 22h00 GMT+1 on EPTV
  • Senteurs d’Algérie “Mila” (documentary), Wednesday, May 16, 22h30 GMT+1 on Canal Algérie
  • Ahellil  (variety), Thursday, May 17, 21h00 GMT+1 on Canal Algérie


France Télévisions (France):

  • Napoléon (fiction), Monday, May 14, 20h35 GMT+2 on France 5
  • Plus Belle la Vie (fiction series), Thursday, May 17, 20h05 GMT+2 on France 3
  • Thalassa (documentary collection), Friday, May 18, 20h35 GMT+2 on France 3
  • Magasins de sport (le Doc du dimanche), Sunday, May 20, 20h35 GMT+2 on France 5
  • Mikhail Gorbatchov (documentary), Sunday, May 20, 22h15 GMT+2 on France 5


Rai (Italy):


RTVE  - TVE Internacional Europa (Spain):

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