On the set of Affreux, Cupides et Stupides by Ibrahim Letayef

Dia Sud Med participant Zied Litayem goes behind the scenes of this Tunisian film set

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Young Tunisian filmmaker Zied Litayem graduated from Manouba's Higher Institute for Multimedia Arts (ISAMM) with a degree in screenwriting and directing for film and audiovisual works. He has directed a short fiction film, a short documentary, many advertising films, and music videos for Tunisian artists. Last December, he shone as one of the participants of Dia Sud Med, a cross-media training project co-financed by Euromed Audiovisual, and is currently completing a masters in production and assistant directing at the ISAMM. 

Euromed Audiovisual met Litayem at the Tarek Ben Ammar studios in Ben Arous outside Tunis on the film set of Affreux, Cupides et Stupides directed by Ibrahim Letayef and produced by Ulysson (watch the interview with the film's main actress, Afef Ben Mahmoud). The young filmmaker was busy documenting the shooting.

Because Euromed Audiovisual appreciates this young director’s talent and drive, we commissioned the following video.

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