Three experts on creating a Mediterranean film distributor network

Here is what three European distribution experts had to say at Euromed Audiovisual’s recent film distribution workshop in Jordan

Programme Activities, Jordan

Ivan Hronec, director of Film Europe Channel, a pay-television film channel distributing European content: It’s possible to export our experience to the Mediterranean region. This seminar has been a great source of networking. Meeting people is the most powerful means to do business.
Pascal Diot, director of the Venice and Dubai film markets: Creating a network will give Mediterranean distributors the strength to hold discussions with their own governments, as well as with international institutions, and especially sales agents.

Adeline Monzier, general director of Europa Distribution, a distribution network replicated in Latin America: Lobbying was an important part of Europa Distribution, as were training workshops and conferences. It’s very important to help distributors in Mediterranean countries to create networks to become a political force and to be stronger when they acquire films.

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