Hadas Yaron, lead actress in Fill the Void, winner of Coppa Volpi

“They live among us but we don’t really know them”


In Rama Burshtein’s Fill the Void (Lemale et Ha’Halal), Israeli actress Hadas Yaron, 22, plays Shira Mendelman, a 18 year-old from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, who is to marry her late sister’s husband against her will. 

Last week in Venice, Yaron won the festival’s Coppa Volpi award for her performance.

“[Shira] is a Hassedic girl, from a Hassedic family in Tel Aviv, which is a very special community because Tel Aviv is a secular city. So they live among us [the seculars] but we don’t really know them. It’s the story of her life, of her family, and the part when she starts to look for a match to get married.”

“[Director Rama Burshtein] is a very, very special lady, a very special woman. She has a very unique story. She really helped me [to understand] everything [...], because it’s not easy to just understand this world without a window, someone from inside to help you.”


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